Best Hero This Week

Every week, I’m convinced we’ve used our best hero. And every week, someone sends me a new that reminds me why I love this project so much. There are heroes everywhere. And the moment you need your life put back in perspective, well…here’s Jadie…

Sent by her father

Her Story: My daughter was diagnosed with Lupus which was brought on by a tonsillectomy and a bought of mononucleosis when she was 15. It took a battery of doctors and a laundry list of misdiagnoses to find it and she lost, literally, a year of her life to recovery. She’s now 17 and has spent the last year catching up in school, getting her drivers license and generally just finding her life again. She’s done it all with grace, commitment and a giant sense of humor. Along the way she has taught me about patience, strength, determination, sacrifice and perspective. She worries about us and how we’re doing, and that’s why she’s my hero.

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  • Mark Grimes

    Very moving. Thanks for sharing this. We DO walk amongst heroes!

  • Deborah Williams

    To lose a year during such a critical time in a teen-aged girl's life is heart wrenching. Jadie is, indeed, a remarkable girl, but I'm betting the qualities that brought her through this dark time were helped along mightily by her parents. Sounds to me like they are heroes, too.

  • Blane Mather

    What a lovely example. I hold up people who seem to be at their best when things are at their worst as the people I should emulate. Here's another person of selfless character I am pleased to look to as a role-model.

  • Name Claudia Hightower

    Jadie is such a special girl. I can't imagine all she has been through. I know it has been so hard for the whole family. They all have been through so much together and you can tell they really have grown closer together in a very hard and bad situation.