My Daughter’s Teacher

Today I went to my daughter’s school to volunteer in her class. Sure, the teacher let me read to the class. I picked Fox In Socks, my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I then taught the little evil geniuses that no one can say “toy boat” 5 times fast (which they of course tried…one by one).

And then I built to the big finish…where I did the thumb-trick where I pull my finger off. It was like being at the Prince Purple Rain concert in the Orange Bowl 1985. The crowd went wild.

But then, the crowd, as it does every day, went right back to the teacher.

She’s the one they trust. And the one I trusted.

So my hero today is her.

Sending special love to all the teachers who spend so much time with our children.

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  • Dr. Barnes

    Brad- thank you very much for sharing your PK experience, and for recognizing Mrs. Payton – and all teachers who make a difference in our childrens' world! Dr. Barnes