April Fool

Holy jeez. Never, in all my years of having an April first birthday, have I ever had a prank this good played on me (though when I used to sell classified ads and all my clients canceled their ads on the same day, leaving me broke, that was close).

So thanks to my wife Cori — and all my fellow creative pals — and all the sites that helped post it. Every damn one of them is a place (and person) I love to read. My wife knows me well — and it was nice to know that if she wanted to cheat on me, I clearly would have no idea.

Also, best part? My film agent who called and said, “I believed it.”. Thanks for the faith. To see the full prank:

But most of all, thanks to all the family and friends who sent love. You know I don’t have “readers.” I have family and friends. Always have. That’s the ONLY reason I get to still do this and on a day like my birthday — when I usually get all sappy and sad — thanks for making me feel so blessed. I never ever forget you’re there. Ever.

If I could buy each of you something expensive — like a first-class Bar Mitzvah — I would.



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