Make A Wish

Time to reveal a new hero from the book.

Of all the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet while researching Heroes For My Son, I think the greatest thrill was meeting Frank Shankwitz. In fact, just to share a little more, here’s the actual entry from the book:

It started with a boy named Chris.
Chris wanted to be a police officer.
The problem was he had leukemia. He was dying.

But when Chris met Officer Frank Shankwitz,
when he saw Shankwitz’s motorcyle,
when Shankwitz came to the boy’s home and created a toy-motorcycle riding test,
for just that day, Chris forgot about the leukemia eating away at his body.

Two days after the visit, Chris was in a coma.
Shankwitz came to the boy’s hospital room to present him with real “motorcycle wings.”
When he pinned them on the boy’s uniform, young Chris actually came out of the coma.
And smiled.

On the flight back from Chris’s funeral, Shankwitz had an idea.
What if he could somehow give that same joy to other kids like Chris…just for one day?
Right there, the Make-A-Wish foundation was born.

During the research phase, I had the honor of getting on the phone with Frank. He gave me fifty more reasons why he should be in this book alongside Eleanor Roosevelt and the bigshots. So in his honor, check out World Wish Day and help them celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Chris’s first wish day.

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  • Joshuaw_26

    come on guys u need to + more history on the people in this book

  • Hannah Whitley

    no i think this book is perferct the way it is it is not supposed to have alot of information