Bestseller List

I’m breaking one of my rules. I never go out there and yell from the rooftops when we get on the bestseller list. And y’know why? Because being on a stupid list doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t make me a smarter, nicer, or better person. It just means my family bought a lot of books.


Sometimes you need to say thank you. And I need to say thank you for this: When Heroes For My Son launched, it was seen as a small idealistic book. It didn’t have crazy orders. It was always the underdog. And the entire advertising budget for the book was…zero.

Zero dollars.

Not a single ad was bought. Not a single TV or radio or print ad ran. In fact, in the weeks before the launch, the entire imprint that bought the book was shut down. It was an orphan book.

But, as it was launched, it had one thing going for it: you. Yes, you — our family and friends and beloved readers who supported this little dream of a book. You came out, and supported it, and bought copies for Dads and Grandparents, and kids and new babies. And Kodak came in and believed in that dream. And so did all our friends in the media and in publishing, who have looked out for us since page one. And so did the people at Harper, who took it over.

And that was how the book with zero advertising dollars just made the number two spot on the New York Times bestseller list (which I just got the call about).

So as I finish the tour tonight in Michigan, thank you for believing in this little book — and in me. It is your love and support of the thrillers that let me do this book for my boys. And it’s why it was launched with so much love. And that love is the only damn way to explain anything in this world.

Love on all of you.


PS – Right after we got the news, look what we passed. No kidding.


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