One More Day

It’s now less than twenty-four hours until Heroes For My Son is released into our wild cruel world. So in this quiet little moment, let me tell you the most important thing of all: thank you. Thank you for what you’ve always done for all of us. If it weren’t for you buying the other stuff, I don’t get to do this one. And this one is just so personal to me.

As I’ve said before and will say again, this isn’t a book to me. It’s a dream. More important, it’s my dream for my son — and it’s something I thought up on the very first night Jonas was born eight years ago. Is that schmaltzy? You better believe it is. But I want my son to learn that too. And I hope that whoever you give it to — Dad, Grandparents, Mom, teacher, or child — I hope they get the joy that I had building it.

In fact, to show you what I’m talking about, take a look at this, which answers the real question my son asked me (and also gives you the first peek at some of the heroes inside).

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